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When we deal with our friends, colleagues, or co-workers then here are so many things we need to share with us. Yes, but there was different device models w have. Some f our friend use Android devices, others have iOS, yes, some have use Windows devices. So in the past, it is difficult to share the files between them. But now thanks to SHAREit it is easy. So now you can SHAREit Apk downloads to your Android iOS or Windows device and transfer file easy and smooth way.

About the SHAREit Apk

SHAREit Apk download

As I mentioned earlier this is the app you can use to solve the problem related to transferring data between the cross platforms. Yes, thanks to Lenovo now you can freely download this Apk from Google Play Store or App Store. Yes, it can be used to transfer data between Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and android. Within this cross-platform tool, you can share image, SMS messages, App, Music, Video and much more. The files are directly transferring by an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection. And the Apk consists of 39 languages. So it easy for the users.

The SHAREit App is firstly launched in China in June 2012 and known as any share. And a little bit time to time the tool is developed and now the users can download the latest SHAREit Apk v3.6.98_ww(4030698) for Android devices. Within this version, the developer has fixed some bugs to enhance the transfer experience and also enhanced the feed’s smoothness. And now you can press a while to open it on the Choose whole page. Further within the latest version, you can send text files by taking photos and also sending all types of files.


Features of SHAREit

  • By entering the portal easily you can share whatever you need to transfer music, video, image etc
  • SHAREit is a cross-platform tool. So you can use this tool to transfer the data to Android, iOS, and Windows
  • You can send Contacts, images, SMS messages, music, video, apps and other data from
  • your old device to the newest one within one click
  • You can use this Apk to control PPT directly with your phone and make the presentations in an easy manner
  • When we comparing with the other file sharing apps this has the highest speed, and the maximum goes to 20M/s. And this Apk is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Yes, you can transfer Original files it will not lose the original quality
  • The SHAREit Apk windows app is now named SHAREit (official) and the older app is renamed as SHAREit (Unofficial) which was developed by Paradox. And you need to remember to connect to PC your SHAREit for PC must be v.4.0 or above.

So if you are bothered by sharing your sweet memories with your friends who have the different types of devices then you can use this fantastic app without USB, Without data usage and also no need to use the internet. Yes, you can use this app without any confusion. Now around the world from 200 countries over 300 million of users are using this fantastic app. So be hurried download SHAREit Apk and enjoy easy and fast file sharing experience.

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