Mini Militia APK Download for Android

Mini Militia is multiplayer combat for Android which takes up to 6 players online and 12 with local WiFi. It has many features for different level attacks keeping you with an extremely realistic play. So test your attacking skills with Mini Militia APK Download that promises to build a fascinating game experience with either free or paid version. It supports iOS, plays on the PC and through the APK Mini Militia hit the Android. So start your combat with this grossing game and make your Android time more adventurous.

Above other same purpose gaming apps, Mini Militia has more to love. In fact, you can train yourself offline with Sarge to go on battling the online big play with more sharpen techniques. And with Mini Militia APK you can enjoy both online/offline sessions which you do not get with all attacking game apps. In fact, with the weapons like Sniper, shotgun, flamethrower in different mods you can bring yourself to a great attack challenging your friends in the battle-field. Then why you still wait, head Mini Militia APK Download now on Android and test your skills with big combat.

Mini Militia Pro

You can download the app free from the Google Play store if you are happy with the limited features with the free app download. But if you like to enjoy the full game experience, you can upgrade the game for a little cost about $0.99 to take you away from the limitations and put you in more access. In fact, the Pro version packs more notable features which could build better combat for you. In the upgrade, you will be able to find,

  • Entry to all types of guns/weapons on the online play mode
  • Let access machete and the dual wield
  • Allow different types of Mini Militia costumes and avatars for a better performance
  • Give admission to rocket launcher/ sniper  and more


For Note: Due to some bad impacts,  and Mini Mini Militia Mod has been taken off. So you are recommended to download the app through Play Store or with genuine web help

Mini Militia APK Download- Updated Version

Making a proper combination with time, developers bring time to time updates to Mini Militia APK. And as of this writing, Mini Militia v3.0.27 comes the latest with the recent update on 04.2020. If we look in detail, the following features can be seen in the new app build.

  • Comes addressing the issue Pro Pack Trial feature is showing up
  • Solves the crashes brought by a slow network together with several changes in the version
  • Sort out the problem QuickPlay map vote not showing (After reading)
  • Comes with tracking of service unreachable and offer advanced supportive/guideline to get the help of the crew
  • Feature auto-retry in login added
  • Chat area expanded with a shifted banner ad
  • The Account banning is live with the update

The latest version comes more stable and supportive for the user. So Download Mini Militia APK on your Smart Phone or Tablet running Android 3.0 and above. If you like full entry to the play, head the Pro version with the little payment and get even better time with Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia.

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