Minecraft Apk download – Minecraft Pocket Edition

Are you loving to play games within your Smartphone or Tablet? Yes, Sometimes if you shift to Android device from Windows Phone or Android to iOS you may lose some of your favourite games. Because those do not support for all Mobile operating systems. But now there are some games available, they are supporting for all platforms. So today we are going to discuss Minecraft apk download. The cam can be used with Windows, Android, iOS and more. So today let us discuss how you can download the game. its features and all other related facts.

What is Minecraft Pocket edition

Minecraft Apk download – Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Mobile edition is known as Minecraft pocket edition and it is originally designed by the Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson, and later it is published and fully developed by Mojang. Within this 3D game, there were no specific goals for the players to accomplish. So it provides the freedom to the player to play as they wish. In this game there are 3D composed cubs are available. And there are Minecraft maps available to help the players to move across the Minecraft world.

So if you love to play the Minecraft 3D game then you can download it from the Google Play store to your Android device. Yes, if you need you can download the free version (demo) and within it, you can add blocks, make houses, kill zombies and more like the full version. But if you need to use the full version f the game then you need around $6.99. Within the full version, you can enjoy the full functional up to date experience. Yes, rather than Android devices you can play the game with iOS, Windows phone and PCs, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Apple TV and many more other platforms.

Minecraft Latest version download

The developer of the Minecraft has released the new version 1.0 in the last  19th of January 2016. But they release the version 1.0 for the others several years ago. Anyhow if you wish now you can use the Minecraft V1.0 download to your Android device. The latest version exists with the below features.

  • Wow, wonderful, you can double the height. Yes, now you can build 256 blocks high
  • There is a new festive skin pack, texture pack and festive world to the new Mash-Up pack
  • Chorus plant, End cities, End dragons, End ships, New shulker mob, Purpur, and highly coveted Elytra glider for the End
  • For your Winter wandering there are Igloos and polar bears
  • You can get VR support for Oculus touch controllers

If you need it easy to download and install the Minecraft Apk to your Android device. Enable the “Unknown sources” of your device, Download Minecraft Pocket Edition from the Google Play store, and then tap to install the app. Ok, now to launch the App open it. That’s all.

Finally I think you will love to play this 3D game with your android device. So this guide will help you. Remember if you want this is the cross-functional game. So, enjoy it with your Precious device.