Greenify APK Download for Better Android Battery

Greenify is an Android app for both rooted and none-rooted devices to have better battery life on your Android. In fact, Greenify has won the Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps, proving it is the best option to keep your device battery fine health. So what should you know about Greenify APK Download? Let me take you to everything about the app disclosing how beneficial Greenify is in keeping your Android battery green. So read on.

At a time your smart device plays a key role in everything you do in your day, you will find millions of useful apps to have on your Android. But did you ever think, how would your Android battery response to things you love manage in your device? Maybe not or maybe even now it is in your mind as fast battery draining in Android comes such a burning problem these days. But what is the option to keep your battery in good health?

Why Greenify APK Download?

Why Greenify APK Download?

Greenify APK works with a special feature call “Hibernation”. With that, Greenify can put selected devices into sleep condition until the day you need them back. In fact, Greenify hibernates apps you select and put them in an inactive state letting not to consume your battery being in the background. And it can preserve your battery strength for more than you think which will make your device better in performing too. So you no more need to delete apps, reinstall and again delete when no need, as this amazing utility can greenify them until your recall letting not to eat your battery strength without your knowledge.


Important to Note: When selecting the apps to greenify, you have to avoid system apps and what you often use. In fact, this gives maximum benefit when you are hibernating apps that are rarely used and think require more battery power to run. So make sure not to inactivate apps like clock/alarm, messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber and most also system apps which are essentially needed to be awake for a fine Android run

Greenify v3.0 (Build 5)

As of now, you will find Greenify v3.0 in build 5 as newest which inherits a number of useful features. But depending on the free or paid version you are running, the access for the features could vary. To get the latest version of Greenify, you need Android 4.0 or up regardless of rooted or not.

  • Wake-up cut-off feature introduced to work for non-root mode supporting Android 4.4-5.x (can be upgraded in future)
  • “Broad wake-up cut-off” new feature added for one cut-off for all similar wake-ups (in experimental level)
  • “User guide” added in the initial launchNEW
  • “Privileged Mode”. And it comes more powerful than Root mode which can be worked  either by ROM-integration or moving app
  • Issue with wake-up tracking on some Samsung ROM models is successfully addressed
  • Tasker plug-in feature in “Aggressive Doze Toggle” now functional on Android 7 which supports none-root mode

Free or Premium?

In Greenify APK Download you get two options. If you are happy with the features in free version, you can head Greenify free download from the play store. But if you like to experience more features with the Greenify APK Premium having on the rooted Android. It will only cost about for $2.99. So below given are some of the Greenify experimental features in the Pro upgrade.

  • Boost mode (required Xposed)
  • Allow more number of system apps to Greenify
  • Options to get Notifications even after Hibernation on
  • Wake-up Tracker feature (required Xposed)
  • GCM push message feature is active in order to wake up hibernated apps (required Xposed)
  • Option which blocks App State Abuse (required Xposed) and even more exciting features

With my time with Greenify APK Download, I caught a notable battery and performance improvement in my Android run. So why don’t you take it yourself? So giving developing credits for Oasis Feng, try Greenify and tell us too about your time with this amazing utility.

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